Epic Fantasy


The lord of Naroxa (the underworld) Demon Eseveles starts campaigning to overtake the upper world. In order to do that, he plots to lure the god of the mightiest race of them all to his world by helping his followers to fight against other races, and subsequently steal their souls. In spite of the imminent threat, there is something that gives hope for the safety of the upper world: the Light of Fairies. The lord of Naroxa wants to transform the Light into the Fire of Hell and in order to do that, he decides to play a game (of passion and love) – He befriends two fairies (two sisters) charms one of them with his devilish passion and then persuades her to steal the Light of Fairies. As she hands over the Light to the lord Demon, her sister catches her in the act and a fight ensues between them. The one who is in love with the lord Demon dies in the fight and when her sister realizes what terrible murder she committed she lays down beside her sister, grief-stricken, and dies as well. Such death causes both of them to be reborn into the lower-level race – humans; however, they are no longer sisters or even family members. Eventually, they will come to learn that they still retain certain powers from their previous lives.

The lord Demon’s mother is dying with the last words on her lips, saying to her son: “…Find the one who stole the Light of Fairies and make her kill the other one, once again, before she finds out about their connection from the past. Then, the upper world shall be yours.”  

And this is where this book begins.

The winds of change are shaking the world at all levels, reaching even to the gods. The power of the gods is fed through the prayers of its own people. Thus, when the believers of the great Azmaran Empire, deluded by the demons of Naroxa, decide to ascribe more aggressive attributes to their god, wanting to enslave others, the god’s own personality splinters into two opposing bodies. The stage of human existence becomes the battlefield where “heaven will clash with hell” and the fate of Targal and Anaya proves to be of high importance to the survival of all the inhabitants of Rank and Xa (Heaven and the Earth).

Rank Xa Naroxa (Sky of the Earth Underneath) – Also known as Tales of Raxana is an ancient manuscript – chronicles of the world long forgotten.

Rank Xa Naroxa in Croatian: Nebo Zemlje pod Zemljom.

Short story – Sword & Sorcery, available for download here as epub or rtf

Mysterious light confuses sailors and many ships end up stranded, becoming an easy prey for pirates.
The book contains several short stories from the world of Raxana with Fire from the Deep being the first one.